We eat cake, work hard,
and create great things

Our team has extensive experience in international business consulting, marketing, brand management, communications, and recruitment, as well as a surprisingly good sense of humour.

As a totem, llama is a symbol of strength, perseverance, confidence and often success. Liama symbol brings strong energy and confidence.

Each one of us is different, but beauty hides in diversity and together we make the perfect smoothly working Findanode power machine.

Hands-on approach, direct 24/7 communication, strategic thinking, years of experience, and exquisite taste in TV shows are just a few things we’ve got in store.

Co-founder & Talent Sourcer
Recruitment is Katya’s jam and superpower. She handles every recruitment project as a unique search for diamonds and works so hard it’s sometimes scary.
Co-founder & Communication Strategist
Julia is the second part of our founding core. She is passionate about helping brands and companies find their voice and builds brands and strategies with the same excitement and passion like kids build legos.
Communications Director
Olga gets things done. Soon she’s going to be at the cover of Forbes 30 under 30, but for now, we are glad she has put her excellent project management skills in our team. Olga keeps our creatives in line and all of our ongoing projects in mind, all with her trademark calm face.
Talent Acquisition Lead & HR Solutions Consultant
Irina is our recruitment guru, blending her HR genius with a passion for building teams and processes in a way that seems almost magical. With an eye for detail that misses nothing, Irina ensures no stone is left unturned in her quest for the perfect match.
Social Media Specialist & Creative Lead
Solveiga is our sunny visual thinker and social media fairy. She’s great at turning different brand stories into beautiful online content—ideas, texts, stories, photos, videos, you name it. Her love for life, hiking, travel, nature, and adventures is also reflected in her photos and designs which are creative, bright, and inspiring.
Project Manager
Marija is a Project Manager with a capital P. Passionate about creating beautiful texts in Russian; she also translates to Latvian and English, is a Social Media Guru, and the positive yes-person in our crew who is always full of ideas and ready to join a new challenge. Our diamond – knows how to turn the grumpiest face into a smile!
Daniela is a bit of a mystery. Comes across as calm and dreamy, while in her head there’s often a whole different story. Some call her the word junkie, as her notes are everywhere. Countless books, written journals, and complete & absolute love for languages. Speaks 5 of them: Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian, English and a bit of French. Creates and edits stories in 2 of them: English and Latvian. Strongly believes that choosing the right phrase is an œuvre d’art*.