Direct communication, hands-on approach and high-level expertise.

Our team has extensive experience in international business consulting, marketing (from TikTok videos to international press releases), brand management, communications and a surprisingly good sense of humour. 

Marketing department
All included.

Get access to the expertise of our team of marketing and communications professionals — strategists, designers, copywriters, PR specialists, and project managers. We offer a full cycle of marketing, internal and external communications services: from flyers to international PR and TikTok videos. Over a decade we have worked with companies from many different industries, so we’re always open to new areas, challenges, audiences, and markets.

Our Marketing Department services include
Social media department

Our social media team will tell your story on TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook in English, Latvian, and Russian languages.

Throughout the years we’ve perfected content creation flow, where our copywriters, designers, and project managers work smoothly to deliver personalized content to a variety of clients. We have worked with different products and services in European, Asian and North American markets.

We perform best
in two scenarios
Social media kickstart

Our team sets up your social media accounts from scratch and manages it until a set target is reached and you’re ready to take over. Or we move on to the next scenario and keep on working together forever.

Long-term tango

In this case, we sign for the long run — starting from one year, making sure your brand story and online presence are built with a strong strategic foundation. Building your brand on social media takes time, and this is the best investment you can make.

Instagram workshop

Ready to take your Instagram game to the next level? 

Let us be your Mr Miyagi — sign up for our 1.5h Instagram Workshop and receive personalized strategies, content ideas, visuals and expert tips to boost your account! The service includes detailed account analysis given beforehand, while during the workshop we’ll provide you with tailored recommendations and answer all of your queries.

LinkedIn workshop

Eager to make your LinkedIn profile stand out but unsure where to begin?

Our LinkedIn workshop is here for you! Sign up to gain valuable insights, receive a thorough analysis of your profile, and benefit from the practical suggestions of our recruitment gurus. We’ll equip you with top insider secrets only recruiters know – so you can start building your personal brand and take your professional network to new heights!

Social media SOS

Unexpected social media emergency?
Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Our Social Media SOS line provides instant assistance to regain control of your hacked accounts and handle any social media crisis quickly and efficiently. 

Get back on track right away with our comprehensive support services, including Instagram account recovery, Facebook Ads account aid, and account disabling options.

That’s not it! We also offer targeted social media account troubleshooting & security, customization services and Facebook page upgrade assistance to ensure your brand’s online presence remains on at all times. 

Telegram channel kick-off

Ready to jumpstart the conversation? Spread your message out with the help of our Telegram Channel Kick-Off!

Our service will help you gather your community up and running in no time. From crafting a customized channel to fostering interactions, we have you covered. Engage with your intended audience and broadcast your message with confidence. 

We offer Telegram bot setup, payment monitoring and managements via PayPal or Stipe, as well as subscriber growth services. With our help, you will optimize your business operations and expand your reach online with ease!