Your quick & flexible recruitment partners.

Our HR specialists will foster your team’s growth! Having had broad experience in IT and Fintech, we will be the partner in crime you have always looked for.

Recruitment from A to Z

Our recruitment department offers full-cycle HR services. From help in identifying your company’s needs to interviews, final offers and onboarding. In 4 years we have closed more than 500+ positions in various different markets. Our main areas of expertise include: IT, C-level & project management, legal, marketing, HR, accounting, administration and more.


Struggling to find the right fit for your open positions? Our recruitment professionals are here for you.

Our Recruitment Department services include
Enjoy the benefits of our largely diversified candidates' pool

With a comprehensive database of qualified candidates and exclusive industry contacts, we will find the best fit for your company. Hands-on approach, fast & direct communication and readiness to work side-by-side with you to solve your biggest challenges – trust us to create your dream team and save yourself both time and effort.

Our approach can differ
based on your needs
Long-term commitment

Our team has a rich history of creating lasting, long-run partnerships. As the business grows, so does its team. We know better than anyone that along with the changes, often comes new management structures, positions and more.

Short-track recruitment

As the HR partner you always wanted, we will assist you with short, one-time projects. Perhaps all you need is just temporary help – be it the right staff for the event, a new company branch or other.