Community Manager/Social Engineering

A big international group of brokerage companies offering trading solutions with licensed branches across the globe is looking for a proactive Community Manager/Social Engineer to foster and expand its online community. The ideal candidate will be adept at developing engagement strategies and driving user involvement across various platforms.

Role overview

This role is ideal for an individual passionate about building communities and engaging with professional audiences in the financial trading sector. As a Community Manager, this individual will create and nurture a social platform for trading, investments and financial markets.

Key Responsibilities

  • Community Building: Develop and grow a community around professional trading, financial markets, products, and investments (the general target is to find more partners, investors, and clients for our business). Understanding the nuances, markets, tools, traders, and investors; be able to see and feel what they perceive, speak their language, and understand people. Manage and grow our community on forums, social networks, and professional platforms.
  • Content Creation: Create relevant and compelling content to attract and retain users. Understand what to write and where to gather insights and interactions.
  • Audience Engagement: Gather feedback from a professional audience to continually improve the platform and product offerings.
  • Product Promotion: Draw attention to the company‚Äôs products through strategic community interactions and promotions.
  • Monetization: Develop and implement strategies to monetize the social trading platform.
  • Global Market Reach: Aim to expand the reach to a global audience.

What you need

  • Content Expertise: Knowledge of effective content creation for the trading community.
  • Community Interaction: Ability to identify and engage with the target audience on various social platforms.
  • Strategic Thinking: Skills in developing strategies to promote products and grow the community.
  • Feedback Management: Experience in collecting and utilizing user feedback to enhance the platform.
  • Market Knowledge: Familiarity with where the target audience interacts, through different platforms.
  • Communication Skills: Strong communication skills to effectively engage with the community and various stakeholders.


  • Innovative Environment: A supportive and innovative environment with growth opportunities.
  • Competitive Salary & Benefits Package: A competitive salary and benefits package tailored to the candidate’s experience and geography.
  • Ability to work independently and proactively.
  • Professional Development: Opportunities for training and development in community management and social engineering within the trading industry.
  • Opportunity to build and develop a new direction for the company
  • Flexible working environment with options for remote work
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