Mēness aptieka

Mēness aptieka is one of the leading pharmacies in Latvia, with more than 230 drugstores in the country. With its far-reaching history of 200 years, it has long conquered customers' hearts across the country. Mēness aptieka offers medicine, food supplements, vitamins and a large variety of wellness and beauty products.





Throughout our cooperation with Mēness aptieka, we have developed a social media strategy and handled all communication activities in three primary channels: FB, IG and Linkedin. The most recent addition is the launch of Mēness aptieka TikTok account.

Social media strategy development & management:


●  Brand tone of voice, guidelines

●  Visual content and copywriting

●  Brand awareness activities and influencer collaborations

●  Current affair and campaign communication



In a year’s time:


●  Content reached more than 1’000’000 profiles

●  + 1800 page likes on Facebook

●  Reached 30k followers on Facebook

●  3k page views on LinkedIn

●  ~ 3000 follower growth on Instagram 

Reached 1’000’000 profiles
  • 1 000 000 profilesreached on Facebook
  • 30k followerson Facebook
  • 3k page views on LinkedIn
  • 12 737 105 profilesreached on Instagram
  • 671 000profile visits on Instagram
  • 2200 more followers on Instagram