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Cock-a-doodle-doo! Who came first, the chicken or the egg? The Chick Game is the first Eat-to-Play game out there! Created by Oluksne Eggs, this game lets you build your own Egg Farm by taking charge of a cute little chick. Learn how to manage a real chicken farm, grow and sell crops, and discover a wide range of delicious dishes that can be made from eggs.
Mēness aptieka is one of the leading pharmacies in Latvia, with more than 230 drugstores in the country. With its far-reaching history of 200 years, it has long conquered customers’ hearts across the country. Mēness aptieka offers medicine, food supplements, vitamins and a large variety of wellness and beauty products.
Sens Unique is a luxury perfume retailer from the world’s capital of beauty – Paris. Offering a wide range of niche perfumes for exquisite tastes, it has long-conquered the hearts of Parisians and beyond.
Tara Energy Drink (TE-D) beverages combine a far-reaching history, a planet-friendly concept, and incredible tastes. A natural energy drink with a high-value nutritional base and an innovative idea behind it.
BoBoBisous is a vintage jewelry boutique for those who are used to being noticed. Finesse your looks with luxurious French brooches, elegant charms, and refined rings with enchanting history. These little gems will highlight one’s best features and make one shine brighter than ever.
Greenfield is a premium tea brand, inspired by the charm of nature. Capturing elusive moments embodied in a cup of hot beverage, Greenfield tea creates a perfect atmosphere to reach a harmony within.